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Wilo USA

Wilo USA

Manufacturing and Tool

About Us

Wilo USA LLC is a subsidiary of Wilo SE, which is headquartered in Dortmund, Germany. Wilo is one of the leading manufacturers of pumps & pump systems for heating, cooling & air-conditioning solutions, water supply, and sewage & drainage.

Globally positioned, regionally strong.
Wilo has over 16 main production sites, a local presence with more than 70 production and sales sites, and is represented in more than 90 countries.

Behind the company are around 8,000 employees in over 60 subsidiaries around the world. Find out more about your path to entry at

One company, five great brands!
Wilo USA acquired Weil Pump and Scot Pump in 2017 and American-Marsh Pumps in 2019. QuantumFlo was acquired in October 2021.


Wilo Americas Headquarters
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Wilo USA, together with the Cedarburg brand family, was proud to become a STEAM sponsor for the Cedarburg School District in spring of 2019 through the Wilo-Foundation.
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