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Uteaque DBA Cedarburg Candle Co. & Refillery

Uteaque DBA Cedarburg Candle Co. & Refillery

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About Us

We make hand poured soy scented candles to warm hearts, your home, wedding, showers, promotional products or retails stores! We work with you to design labels and scents to spread light & good scents




Apothecary Candles With Custom Names
4 oz. Mason Jars
Baby Shower Candles (6oz. Displayed Here)
Art Mill Custom
Promote Your Business & Reward Your Clients
Wedding Favors!
Gifts for your clients!
Holiday Gifts!
Fundraiser grab bags!
Celebrate History!
Upcycle old heirlooms!
Bread bowl Candleliers!
Calming Scents!
Show gratitude!
Decorate your showroom or home!
The Girl and the Boy

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