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Fiddleheads Coffee

Fiddleheads Coffee

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About Us

Founded in Thiensville, WI Fiddleheads is a family-owned specialty coffee company with multiple cafes, a small-batch coffee roastery, and an artisan bakery.

Since Fiddleheads first opened in 1996, we have grown and transformed, but our commitment to providing our customers with a unique and exceptional experience remains unchanged. Our passion for excellence is evident while providing our customers with the highest quality products and services in the industry. This is achieved through our internal expertise and quality control that begins by hand-selecting our premium green beans from high-quality farms across the globe to cupping in our in-house lab to bring out the select few profiles that meet our quality demands to be served to our customer. This commitment is evident in our coffees as we diligently cup and sample our coffee and create a perfect roast dedicated to each coffee’s exceptional flavor notes.

A great cup of coffee begins with the ability to take premium green beans and utilize our lab equipment to extract the finest roast profile, natural flavors, and brightness that those coffee beans can produce. From acquiring premium green beans through the very first time our coffee reaches the customer’s lips we are in complete control of the quality that goes into making that product.

We are very proud of our business as a whole and consider our coffee to be the finest in the nation.

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Fiddleheads Coffee
Fiddleheads Coffee
Fiddleheads Coffee
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