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Chocolate Factory Sensational Subs and Sundaes

Chocolate Factory Sensational Subs and Sundaes


About Us

Restaurants come and go, but the Chocolate Factory has been around since 1972. Founded by two young guys (now two old guys) Mike Toffler and Peter Blommer. Mike had been in the ice cream business for several years when Peter approached him about starting a quaint ice cream parlor in Cedarburg. It seemed like a great idea to Mike, one that would fit the character of Cedarburg. The original shop, which also sold candy, was opened on a shoestring and is still thriving today. The business was designed on the back of a napkin, and the first menu was hand-printed.

By October of that year, the now-famous subs joined ice cream on the menu. But the owners were still searching for something to distinguish the business. While the Chocolate Factory made its own hot fudge, Blommer decided to take a food science course at the university dairy department so they could make their own very high quality ice cream. The rest, as they say, is Hazelnut History Truffle (this is not an actual flavor, it is a made-up name for dramatic purposes only; there are, however, a variety of other tempting ice cream concoctions available at the Chocolate Factory).

Today, all eight of the Chocolate Factory locations are open year-round and reflect the atmosphere and attention to quality of the original, a place where visitors and families are welcome to gather and linger.


  • Famous Subs
  • High Quality Ice Cream
  • Multitude of Unique Ice Cream Flavors


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