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Amish Craftsmen Guild II

Amish Craftsmen Guild II


About Us

The Amish Craftsmen Guild – High Quality, Hand Crafted,Customizable, Sustainable Polylumber Outdoor Furniture, Home Furnishings and Decoration & Gifts!


Amish Craftsmen Guild II, located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin is proud to offer innovative, environmentally-friendly outdoor furniture, produced entirely in the United States. Customize your color placement and special order to create an environment that represents you, your style and create a comfortable and safe paradise for you to expand your home to the outdoors!


Customize your outdoor furniture with optional color placement!
Buddy Benches For Playgrounds & Friends!
Bars & Pubs For Your Backyard!
Poolside Paradise!
Winners of "Most Innovative Company" at the 2019 North American Business Excellence Awards!
Folding Adirondacks For Your Trip To Wherever...
Gliders to Glide Your Blues Away...
Picnic Tables For All!
Memory Benches
Adironacks For Any Space!
Gliding Gives Grandkids Glee!
Customize Your Cushions and Pillows For Your Sectional
Patriot Gliders For The Patriot!
Pergola Paradise!
Rustic Refined Rockers From Recycled & Repurposed Plastic!  Pioneers of the PolyLog Industry!
Refined Sectionals
Tapas Tables For Small Spaces
Soy Scented Cedarburg Candles
Visit Our Huge Indoor Showroom!
Visit Our Rustic Red Wolf Outdoors North End of Our Showroom
Browse & Visit Our Outdoor Showroom As Well!
Four Seasons Furniture For Family & Friends!
Visit the Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center!
For Gatherings Big & Small
Rain or Shine... All The Time!
Yard Art To Decorate For the Seasons of Life!
3 Tier Garden Planter For Your Flowers!
Working With Community Partners!
Fun Fanatics!
Garden Trellis Treats!
When You Are Green You Are Growing!
Above Ground Garden Planters

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